Pre-blog painting January 2015

1.3.2015 Apple, Oil
1.4.2015 Mango, Oil 
1.5.2015 Value Study Pepper Oil 4x4
1.6.2015 Cup, Carol Maine's Book exercise, Pastel, 6x6
1.9.2015 Lemons, oil 6x6
1.7.2015 3 Apples on blue, oil 6x6
1.13.2015 Bowl & spoon, Oil 6x6

1.14.2015 Orange on Blue, Oil, 6x8

1.15.2015 Pine Cone, Oil, 6x8

1.18.2015 Apple, Oil 6x8

1.19.2015 Canisters, Oil 6x8

1.19.2015 Three Fruit, Oil, 6x8

1/21/2015 Scott's Hat, Oil, 6x8

1.22.2015 Pear, Oil 6x8

2.25.2015 Two Eggs, Oil 6x8

2.30.2015 Tomato & knife, Oil, 6x8

2.30.2015 Pop, Oil, 6x8


  1. Auntie D,
    I am so proud and inspired--a painting a day, what a challenge! By the by, I love (and believe I've told you this before) 'Orange on Blue'
    Can't wait to see the blogging begin! :)

  2. 'Orange on Blue' is a perfect painting title ... I am stealing it. Your support of my art is awesome.


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