Pre-blog painting February 2015

2.3.2015 Avacado, Oil, 6x8

2.4.2015 Carol Maine's Book Lesson, Oil, 8x8

2.9.2015 Darla's Joy, Oil, 6x8

2.9.2015 Garlic, Oil, 6x8

2.10.2015 Grapes, Oil, 6x8

2.11.2015 Lemon and Olive, Oil 6x8

2.12.2015 Lemon Plums, Oil 6x6

2.13.2015 Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oil 6x6

2.16.2015 Lemon Plums, Oil, 6x8

2.17.2015 Snow Scene from Blog, Oil, 6x6

2.23.2015 Snow Shadows, Oil 6x6

2.24.2015 Will Kemp Lesson, Oil 6x8
Will is a stellar teacher! To view his tutorial click the link below.
Will Kemp Beginners Acrylic Still Life Course

2.24.2015 Banana Value, Oil, 6x6

2.24.2015 Cup Value, Oil, 6x6

2.25.2015 Cherry, Oil, 6x8

2.26.2015 Snow Shadow Abstract, Oil 6x6

2.26.2015 Apple Value Study, Oil, 6x6

2.28.2015 Snow in Yard, Oil, 6x6


  1. Ohhh! I love 'Darla's Joy'... It triggers something in my writer's imagination. :)

  2. Thank you Amber. I love how you are always thinking about writing. Glad my art adds to that!


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